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CBLI Dispatch #4 (Cotton Presley Interview)


Cotton Presley is the Central Territory’s favorite Southern Gentlemen. He’s personable, sweet, hardworking, and drops the most hilarious Kentucky Fried idioms. He sat down and shared about his experience so far at CBLI this year. Get your hankies ready folks, because we’re now closer to the end than we are to the beginning. Wednesdays at…

CBLI Dispatch #3 (Randy Bonifield Interview)


Taken without permission from Emily Aukes’ Facebook profile. CBLI is almost to the halfway point, but there’s still plenty more good stuff ahead. Are you following the #CBLI14 on Twitter and Facebook? Diane Ury brought the Word last night and your faithful Media Specialist broke a sweat posting those tasty sermon nuggets once again. We’ve…

CBLI Dispatch #2


Photo courtesy of CBLI Jr. High track’s Facebook page Here’s another quick dispatch from CBLI 2014! Things have really taken off in earnest as the various tracks are meeting together, digging into their individual themes, worshiping and learning together, and seeking the Lord amongst peers. Of course, there’s still amazing opportunities each evening for intergenerational…

CBLI Dispatch #1 (Now With Video)


Photo courtesy of Nate Irvine’s Instagram feed. The first full day of CBLI is almost on the books! Things got off to a great start last night with an evening of worship led by CBLI alumni, Randy Bonifield. For anyone who remembers sitting under Randy’s leadership, it was a beautiful and powerful experience. Sharing new…

Central Territory’s Newly Newly Announced Changes of Appointment


UPDATE: Now with even more newly, newly, NEWLY announced changes! On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Paul R. Seiler, we are very pleased to announce the following appointments effective October 1, 2014, unless otherwise indicated:     COLLEGE FOR OFFICER TRAINING CFOT Administration Major Stephen Yoder    Assistant Principal Personnel Department Major Morag Yoder    Director of…

Bellarive Interview


UPDATE: Bellarive just released their newest album. Check it out! You may remember the awesome band we had this past February at Regeneration. Bellarive spent the weekend with us, leading our times of congregational worship and sharing a concert on Saturday night. We sat down and had a chat about their history together and the…

Central Territory’s Newly Announced Changes of Appointment


On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Paul R. Seiler, we are very pleased to announce the following appointments effective August 12, 2014, unless otherwise indicated:     TERRITORIAL HEADQUARTERS Program Services Major Brenda Rhoads Herivel    :AA Territorial Moral and Ethical Issues Secretary Major Christine Poff    :AA Secretary for Spiritual Life Development – Evangelism And Corps…

Feedback: Conversations on Faith & Doubt

feedback amp logo

Feedback happens when a signal gets looped back into its source, like a guitar’s pickups being overloaded by the sound coming from its own amp. Usually this creates a lot of noise and dissonance. However, in the right hands it can be harnessed to create beautiful things: think Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, or even Neil…

Making A Place For Young People to Grow


A key component of youth development is a focus on establishing nurturing environments where young people can discover their identity in Christ. Far from simple coddling, making a place for young people to grow means promoting safe, healthy, caring environments within corps and communities. Read more on the research behind the youth development concept here….

Hype! Presents the Urban Mission Center & Temple Houses

UMC Logo Final copy

Hype! is a feature at the Central Youth Network that aims to spotlight people, programs, initiatives, or Corps who are bearing great fruit for the Kingdom of God. Check out these awesome opportunities from the Midland Division shared by Sara Johnson: Greetings! The Midland Division is working to establish an Urban Mission Center in St….