DYL Debrief

Last week’s Developing Youth Leaders conference brought together over 100 youth leaders from the Central territory for training, worship, encouragement, and discussion. If you were a part of the event, you certainly walked away with plenty to think and pray on in the coming weeks. For anyone interested in exploring the topics covered by Dr. Andrew Root in more detail, we recommend his books Taking Theology to Youth Ministry and Relationships Unfiltered. You can also keep up with him at andrewroot.org.

Here at the Youth Department, we’re still pouring over your responses from Friday morning, and lifting you and your families up in prayer. We’re excited to have your voice in this conversation and we want to continue to hear from you! Let’s keep the dialogue going, and continue to encourage one another to stay passionately in love with Jesus, and humbly submitted to his will.


  • What has stuck with you the most from this experience, one week later?
  • What gives you hope for the future of youth ministry in The Salvation Army?
  • What’s your greatest concern about the future of youth ministry in The Salvation Army?
  • What question was left unanswered for you?