Thank the Jesuits!

pope_2510920bThe Society of Jesus, otherwise known as the Jesuits, are a Roman Catholic order that’s gotten a lot of attention recently. The newly ascended Pope Francis is the first Jesuit to ever hold the office. Never mind the fact that he chose the name of the founder of a different order (either to signal his goal of building bridges, or as an inside joke), the media storm surrounding the Papal office has sensibly included discussion of the contributions made by Jesuits since their formation in the 1500s. The Pope’s commitment to simplicity, charity, and service to the poor has understandably created excitement and interest in evangelical circles as well. Perhaps you’ve noticed on Facebook or elsewhere, that many Salvos too have been caught up in the analysis of the new head of the Catholic Church.

We at the CYN feel this is a great moment to recognize some other great contributions from our Jesuit brothers in recent years, helping to bring ancient disciplines into the digital age.

In our Leadership Development section, we aim to get the resources that will make a difference in your spiritual life and leadership into your hands. Two great resources we want to make everyone aware of come to us by way of the Jesuits. Sacred Space is an online prayer portal that leads you through a time of meditating on the Lord’s presence through prompts, questions, and Scripture. Pray As You Go is like a contemplative prayer service that’s ready when you are (and offers a free iTunes subscription). Mixing a variety of both ancient and contemporary music, with Scripture readings and prayer prompts, it can help focus wandering minds or enrich dry seasons of prayer.

Check these great prayer resources out and let us know what you think. Got any other resources we should know about?