Aftermath of the Boston Marathon


The terrible bombings that took place in Boston this past Monday have been on the hearts and minds of everyone in the Youth Department. It is tragic events like this that give us a gristly reminder that the battle we fight is not one merely against flesh and blood. How desperately does our world needs disciples of Christ who are willing to live heroically in the face of darkness and evil! So how are we to respond?

First we must remember who we are, and who we’ve been called to be. The Salvation Army is not just a cute and quirky name: it’s a shocking acknowledgement that we are at war. Not a war with or against man-made weapons, but against systems and powers at work in our world that are active in the destruction of God’s wonderfully ordained purposes. Against enemies both seen and unseen that seek to make men and women and children mere objects and tools, robbing them of the truth that they are image bearers of the one true God. Let’s not forget that. We’re at war.

Secondly, let us remember who is fighting with us and for us! God will grant gracious mercy to everyone who seeks to depend fully on him in this battle. The Salvation Army is blessed to  have skillful people of passion and determination willing to sacrifice for God’s call to love and serve, but it is God alone who brings victory in even the seemingly smallest of battles.

Thirdly, our earthly goals should reflect our heavenly calling and empowerment. We do not strive and spend ourselves for the sake of recognition and approval, balanced budgets, large enrollments, or the like; our highest ambitions must be lives saved and changed, broken people healed, and our neighborhoods and world redeemed for the Lord. Or as Jesus put it, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done.”

It is our hope and prayer that the people of Boston, and our Salvo comrades suffering and ministering alongside them, would find a real sense of the Lord’s presence in their midst. It is our prayer for each of you reading this that you would find rest in the Lord’s presence, and a renewed vigor to press the fight against our tireless enemy today. To learn more about how The Salvation Army has been serving in the aftermath of the bombings, check here for continued updates.