Junior Soldier Idea Swap



Have you noticed some attractive and durable Junior Soldier posters popping up around your Corps yet? As of last week, 5 beautiful posters have been mailed out to each Corps in the territory to help promote and encourage Junior Soldiers. Youth development is about creating a place for young people to grow, and that means including them in the life of a Corps in a way that proves to them that they’re important to adults and leaders in their community. We hope these posters can be used to that end; here are a few ideas we’ve already heard about:

  • Hang the posters interspersed with photos of your young people, labeled with their names. Corps members can learn young people’s names and encourage them when they see them!
  • Hang the posters alongside a bulletin board with info and photos of your Junior Soldiers in action (e.g. enrollments, service projects, etc.)!
  • Display the posters in a prominent position in your Corps’ social services area, and use the frequent comments you will receive as an opportunity to share about your character building and Junior Soldiers programs, and invite new folks to come get involved!

We want a little feedback from you all:

  • How are the posters being used at your Corps?
  • What kind of feedback have you gotten from your Junior Soldiers, leaders, and adults?
  • Are resources like this useful for you in promoting your young people, and engaging your Corps members in encouraging them?

Please send us photos of your posters in action to [email protected], and make sure to comment below and  and share your ideas with other youth leaders in the territory!