General Watch – High Council Update

IMG_7103Today it was announced that USA Central’s own Commissioner Carol Seiler was appointed to the High Council’s Questions Committee! This committee is tasked with the important work of creating a questionnaire that will be answered by all nominees for the office of General. Each member of the committee may submit one question. Here’s our suggestion:

As General, how will you work to see our focus return to relying on the empowerment and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and root our Salvationist identity in the active workings of the Spirit in The SA today?

What are your suggestions? Share them in the comments below!

  • Gordon Bingham

    Proposed Question:
    What priority will you give to social services around the world? Is this aspect of our mission still critical to who we are or has it become secondary?

    • Jonathan Taube

      Hey Gordon, thanks for sharing. Mind filling us in on where you’re writing from? Do you see a lack of commitment to that aspect of our mission where you are?