Winter ACCESS Day Salvation Army Visit Weekend January 28-31, 2016

Winter ACCESS Days Asbury University will be holding Winter ACCESS Days from January 28-31, 2016 and The Salvation Army will be sending a group of students lead by Barb Higgins to help them find out if Asbury is a fit for them. On ACCESS Days prospective students meet approximately 50 other students interested in Asbury College, experience … Continued

Rally Day 2015

Rally Day 2015 is next month! Time is coming and we have the materials you need to help make your day a success! If you head over to our Rally Day resource page, you will find all the creative material offered. We also encourage you to take these files and make them your own!

Are you a Disciple?

Leaders, do you know what it means to be a disciple of Christ? I’m sure your first answer right away was, “Yes.” But do you really know what it means? Are your eyes fixed upon yourself and your service, or are your eyes fixed on Christ? This article from talks about the passage Luke 10:38-42. … Continued

Summer Action = Summer Fun

Have you noticed that your members mysteriously disappear every Fall? Does it feel as if you have to start your troop from scratch each year? What would you be willing to do to hang on to those kids from year to year? If you are looking for a way to combat the deadly disappearing disease, take … Continued