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Bellarive Interview


UPDATE: Bellarive just released their newest album. Check it out! You may remember the awesome band we had this past February at Regeneration. Bellarive spent the weekend with us, leading our times of congregational worship and sharing a concert on Saturday night. We sat down and had a chat about their history together and the…

Feedback: Conversations on Faith & Doubt

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Feedback happens when a signal gets looped back into its source, like a guitar’s pickups being overloaded by the sound coming from its own amp. Usually this creates a lot of noise and dissonance. However, in the right hands it can be harnessed to create beautiful things: think Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, or even Neil…

The Singing Company – EP I – Album Review


Major Rob Birks, TSA officer and TSC super-fan, offers a thorough review of the band’s newest offering, EP I (Roman numeral 1). You can listen to the album on Spotify, or purchase a copy on iTunes or CD Baby. Check out The Singing Company’s website for more info. Full disclosure: I love The Singing Company….

Propaganda Interview

Screen-Shot-2012-09-26-at-9.10.41-AM-1016x1024 copyZ

Propaganda is a rapper, a poet, and a bit of a hip hop historian. His passion bleeds into his speech and action. You may know him from the Life In Six Words campaign from Dare2Share, but if not, you’ll want to check this out: He recently joined us at Regeneration this past February, and connected…

Art In Mission


I believe art is an extremely important medium that the church too often ignores. I am also convinced that the question about art and the church isn’t if we will choose to do art or not, but rather how well we will choose to do it. Personally, as we talk about our attitude towards art…

Late Have I Loved You


Happy Friday everybody! Today we’re showcasing a short poem by St. Augustine, and the song it inspired, for your contemplative/meditative prayer needs. Augustine of Hippo was converted to Christianity late in life, and yet left a rich legacy for all who have come to faith in Christ since. Writing during the Patristic period of Christian…

Transmission’s “We Believe” Is Live Streaming!


Transmission is the Southern Territory’s resident worship band, and they’re seriously one of the greatest active worship groups today–Army or otherwise. Their releases consistently deliver strong on passion, creativity, musicality, and great song crafting. They also happen to be the band that gave us “Soldier’s Hymn” and a lot of other songs used heavily in…