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Chap Clark Interview


Dr. Chap Clark, pastor, professor, and accomplished author, was our special guest at the 2014 Developing Youth Leaders Seminar. He sat down with the CYN and we asked him some questions submitted via Twitter & Facebook, and explored a few of the ideas he taught on in the main sessions. All of the audio from…

Help! I Hate My Corps!


Last year we tried to take a long, hard look at why young people are leaving The Salvation Army in record numbers. We heard from a former Salvo, a Salvo youth minister on the cheap answers offered young people, and a Salvo young adult on why he’s stuck around. Obviously this isn’t an issue that…

The Salvation Army, Millennials, and the Church of A New Era


I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Major Rob Reardon, the National Young Adult Initiative Coordinator. In his position at National Headquarters, Major Reardon works to raise awareness of The Salvation Army’s mission and ministry among the Millennial Generation, and to increase engagement with young adults both inside and outside of The SA….

Babylon Calling or What the Governernment Shutdown Can Remind Us

lincoln memorial edit

This morning, Americans awoke to the reality of a government shutdown–the first since 1995. While this news certainly isn’t surprising to anyone who’s been following the political turmoil in our capital over the past few days (and really it’s not even that rare of an occurrence in the modern era), it has still exasperated many…

Tell the General


10-30-13 Update: The deadline has been extended to November 15! The General really wants to hear what young people have to say about their experience in The Salvation Army! Let’s help out our young people to participate. A common theme among the responses to our recent series considering why young people leave The SA expressed…

See You At The Pole 2013!


See You at the Pole is an annual gathering of Christian students of all ages. Students from across the country congregate in front of the flagpole at their respective schools for prayer and Bible reading. Students join together to pray for their schools, their faculty, their friends, their neighborhoods, their city, their church, and their…

Art In Mission


I believe art is an extremely important medium that the church too often ignores. I am also convinced that the question about art and the church isn’t if we will choose to do art or not, but rather how well we will choose to do it. Personally, as we talk about our attitude towards art…