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Central Youth Network’s Rejected Super Bowl Ad


Too hot for tv? Controversial celebrity endorsement? You decide why our first commercial was pulled from the ad rotation of Super Bowl XLVIII (hint: we didn’t actually have the budget to buy even .000001 second of air time…)!

Asbury University – Winter ACCESS Days


Via Metro Youth Network: Asbury University will be holding Winter ACCESS Days from January 23-26, 2014. This is a college visit opportunity that you will not want to miss. If you’re looking for a new environment, out of the city, and one with intentional Christian community, than this is the perfect place for you to…

An I’ll Fight Day Primer for Noobz (or A Refresher for Veterans)


The I’ll Fight Day HQ (aka my cubicle) is abuzz with the action that inevitably builds up leading to an international campaign of this scale. We’ve rolled out some updates to the site, we’re constantly trying to think up some new ideas on how to keep things fresh, and of course, we’re working to spread…

HYPE! Presents Newly Launched Territorial Youth Band & Chorus


Hype! is a feature at the Central Youth Network that aims to spotlight people, programs, initiatives, or Corps who are bearing great fruit for the Kingdom of God. Music programs can provide an amazing avenue for discipling young people, and the Central territory is rolling out a new one that you and your young people…

TSA Compound Set Ablaze In Kenyan Riots


According to numerous reports, rioting over the assassination of a Muslim cleric in Kenya has led to the Mombasa Salvation Army compound being set on fire. It is unclear at this time whether or not this is the same compound that houses the Mombasa Children’s Home, though that is unfortunately most likely the case. Although…

Roberts Named Chief of Staff


This morning, our newly elected General Andre Cox appointed Commissioner William Roberts as his Chief of Staff. You can read the news release here, which details the Roberts’ extensive and varied service, most recently as the National leaders here in the good old US of A. Let’s keep up the spirit of prayer for our…

General Watch – Today’s the Day (UPDATED)


The High Council is currently in the process of voting for the next General of The Salvation Army, and when all is said and done the announcement will be live streamed around the world. Check out the live stream here, and watch for updates here at the CYN as soon as we hear more! UPDATE:…