What is Cradle Roll?

Any child ranging from birth to age 4, even if not a Salvationist, can, with the parent’s permission, be a

member of the Cradle Roll.


Cradle Roll is about making a positive difference in the spiritual development of young children and

supporting and resourcing parents during this journey. Cradle Roll is a ministry where little ones, and

their parents, are valued and nurtured in a loving and caring Christian community.


How is this done?

There are many opportunities to support parents and their very young children:

  • Mailing birthday and other cards
  • Cradle Roll parties
  • Parenting classes
  • Visitation and pastoral care
  • Dedication services
  • Special Observance Cradle Roll Sunday
  • Nursery care that is more than just babysitting
  • Age appropriate Sunday School class

Mommy/Daddy (or other caregiver) and Me programs—Baby Song, gym club, story time,

breakfast club, afternoon out, etc.


Background Checks:

All nursery staff workers and church leaders have undergone a strict background check and completed a

Safe From Harm training to ensure that all children are in a safe, loving, protective environment.




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