The Salvation Army Central Territory is looking for people of passion and spiritual depth to tend the soil of youth development.


The Good Soil Initiative (GSI) is a three year internship that places qualified candidates in communities currently without employed youth workers and conduct systematic training in youth development principles and practice for all full-time paid and volunteer youth workers creating a productive and intentionally focused force for youth in the territory. As Youth Development Coordinators, GSI participants will receive training and guidance from the Territorial Youth Department in order to implement a holistic approach to youth ministry that focuses on healthy growth. Participants will also be equipped to engage their broader communities with the Gospel, network with others, and work to cultivate a great environment for young people to thrive through power and presence of Jesus Christ. Program applicants should expect to work, serve, and worship at a Salvation Army Corps. They should display spiritual depth, emotional consistency, and Christ-like character that is fully congruous with their Christian faith. For more information, or to request an application, contact [email protected]