Bible Bowl for Corps Cadets

Are you looking for Bible Bowl materials for this year’s Corps Cadets? You have found the location! Click on Bible Bowl for Corps Cadets to gain access.

Corps Cadets

GRADUATE CORPS CADET SCHOLARSHIP The Graduate Corps Cadet Post-High School Education Scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance to graduate corps cadets who desire to enroll in an accredited program of Post-High school education. This could be a four year college, junior college, technical school, trade school, etc. This scholarship is designed to be … Continued

Articles of War Video Series

The Articles of War is the name given to the covenant signed by soldier’s of The Salvation Army. Major Stephen Court and teamed up to produce a great series of short videos digging into the nature and purpose of the Articles. These could be of good use for soldiership classes, Corps Cadets, or even … Continued