sunbeam-no-backgroundThe Guarding Program is sponsored by The Salvation Army. It includes girls in grades 1 through 12, divided into two groups: Sunbeams (grades 1-5) and Girl Guards (grades 6-12).

If you do not have a Sunbeam program in your local Salvation Army, you may join Girl Guards in grade 5. If you do not have a Girl Guard program, you may remain a Sunbeam through grade 6.

All Sunbeams are members of the Guarding Program. Any girl may join the program.


The Sunbeam Troop

As a Sunbeam, you belong to a group of girls called a troop. You have your own leaders, activities, and meeting place. It’s fun to be a Sunbeam.

  • You will make new friends and learn how to be a friend to others. You will discover how to be a helper at home and at school.
  • You will have fun outdoors as you enjoy picnics, hikes, camping, and nature study.
  • You will learn about your town, your nation, and other nations. This will help you become a better citizen.
  • You will learn how to love and worship God and how to pray. Your leader will encourage you to go┬áto church and to go to Sunday School or another Bible study class regularly.

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