The Salvation Army Adventure Corps is a Christian education program designed for boys Grades 1-12. It is divided into two sections: Explorers for boys in grades 1-5 and Rangers for boys in Grades 6-12. Each section takes members through a series of achievement awards and levels, helping boys to develop their individuality and potential through:

1. Gaining a sense of personal identity and character through interaction with other boys and leaders.

2. Learning the importance of Christian values and biblical truths by experiencing God’s Word and by the modeled example of their Christian leaders.

3. Developing physical, mental and social skills as challenged by the Adventure Corps Program.

4. Providing a balanced environment for learning, developing and caring that is child oriented and Christ centered.


The Adventure Corps Program emphasizes discipleship, evangelism and life skill development, intending to:

1. Involve Salvationist boys in an organized program designed to challenge them to grow in their commitment to Christ and The Salvation Army.

2. Reach out into the community to attract boys to the program, to lead them to Christ, and (if they are unchurched,) encourage them to make The Salvation Army their spiritual home and place of service.

3. Provide a learning and caring environment in which life skills maybe taught and developed.



To present the Good News of Jesus Christ in meaningful and practical ways which relate to the boys’ experiences and capacities to understand.


To meet the individual needs of boys through an organized activity oriented program.


To teach life skills and instill an appreciation and sense of stewardship towards God’s created world.


To provide recreational and fellowship activities, that will encourage healthy physical growth and enhance good friendships.


To challenge the boys to Christian service in their corps, or other churches, or in their communities.



[one_half padding=”0 0px 0 75px”]Explorers – Grades 1-5[/one_half][one_half padding=”0 75px 0 0px”]Rangers – Grades 6-12[/one_half]

A minimum of four boys and two leaders are required to form and register a specific Adventure Corps Section. Conditional registration is available for groups numbering less than four.


[one_half padding=”0 0px 0 75px”]Explorers Section Leader[/one_half][one_half padding=”0 75px 0 0px”]Rangers Section Leader[/one_half]


Section Leader Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a Salvationist or committed Christian
  • Salvationists may be commissioned and serve on the YP Pastoral Care Council
  • Non-Salvationist may be warranted
  • Appointed by Corps Officer

A leader must complete Level One of the Adventure Corps Leadership Training Program before he or she is commissioned or warranted as a Section Leader.

Note: The positions may be held in the “acting” capacity if no commissioned or warranted leader is available.

Assistant Leader Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • May hold commission or warrant as per section leaders
  • Appointed by Corps Officer and section leader
  • Must have Safe From Harm training and background check

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