Cradle Roll

Mission and Purpose

Cradle Roll offers unlimited opportunities for ministry to this age group and their family.

The general purpose of the Cradle Roll is to claim for Christ, from their earliest years (birth thru age six) the young people of the Corps Community, (whether or not they are Salvationists), and to provide an opportunity for spiritual development as well as basic introduction to Christian Education.


The program is designed to:

  1. Reach new families
  2. Afford opportunity for a continued association with the home.
  3. Enlist the interest of parents in spiritual matters and secure their cooperation in the nature of the child.
  4. Bring child and parents into other young people’s organizations and activities with in the Corps.
  5. Lead both children and parents into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Any child ranging from birth to 4 years of age in the community or corps can be enrolled in the Cradle Roll Program with parental /guardian permission.

  • Parental/guardian permission
  • Application forms available through Resource Connection.


Cradle Roll is a term used for the roster of members of children ages birth through five who have some association with the corps.


  • Baby Song
  • Orange Sunday School Material: First Look: Preschool for ages 0-5 years



Cradle Roll Sunday