moonbeamsno-backgroundABOUT MOONBEAMS

Moonbeams are members of a national character-building program sponsored by The Salvation Army for boys and girls in grades Preschool through Kindergarten.

To join, a child must:

  • Be four to five years old (six years old if still in kindergarten),
  • Have parent/guardian’s permission,
  • Attend four meetings,
  • Learn the Moonbeams Pledge, Motto and Prayer, and
  • Help the troop by paying dues weekly.

Moonbeams should try to help others whenever possible, even before being asked. Moonbeams are encouraged to attend Sunday school or church every week. If not a member of a Sunday school, the Moonbeams are invited to attend at The Salvation Army. There they’ll meet friends and have fun learning about Jesus.


When Moonbeams are enrolled, the leader gives them a special Moonbeams membership emblem to wear on a lanyard. Additional emblems are added to the membership emblem when earned by doing the activities with the troop. The leader will show Moonbeams how to add new emblems to the membership emblem so that all Moonbeams wear it the same way.

The membership emblem and uniform are worn for the first time when a Moonbeam is enrolled. After that, the uniform is worn for inspections, divine services, and at other times announced by the leader. The uniform looks like this:

  • Moonbeams membership emblem,
  • Navy blue slacks or skort,
  • White polo shirt,
  • Black shoes, and
  • White socks.

For normal troop meetings, camp or outings the leader may ask Moonbeams to wear the informal uniform.

  • Light blue T-shirt,
  • Moonbeams membership emblem,
  • Blue shorts, slacks or jeans, and
  • Tennis shoes and socks.


The Moonbeams salute is a special sign used to show membership in a Moonbeams troop. Use the salute to show respect for an individual or for our country. To salute, Moonbeams stand at attention and raise their right hand. The thumb should be tucked in and all four fingers point straight up.

Salute when…

  • Saying the Moonbeams Pledge,
  • Wearing the Moonbeams uniform and the American flag is raised,
  • Wearing the Moonbeams uniform and saying the Pledge of Allegiance or singing the National Anthem, or
  • Receiving Moonbeams emblems.


I promise that I will try

To love God,

To help everyone,

And to always do my best.


Do your best!

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