Sunday School


Decision Sunday

The goal of Decision Sunday is to give young people an opportunity to make a decision or renew a commitment to follow Jesus. Have helpers and Sunday School teachers ready to counsel anyone making or renewing a commitment.


Rally Day

Rally Day was originally planned to focus on bringing new families into Sunday School. It was scheduled for the beginning of September (after Labor Day) when children returned to school from summer vacation.

In many parts of our country, school starts back up in early August, and corps activities may start back up in August as well. If that is your situation, you can use the time to plan for and advertise your Rally Day.

The aim of this Rally Day is to learn that while God has many names, He is still the only God and the One we worship. By the end of the meeting, we will know Who we worship, where we worship, and why we worship. Using a combination of interest tables, classroom visitation, and united worship, we hope to achieve our goal of bringing new people in, refreshing current members, and recovering those folks who previously worshiped with us, making them excited about being with us and interested in returning.

The worship and interest centers can be done inside the building or outside in the parking lot or yard. Plan on what works best for you. Be intentional in planning for and including adults in your interest centers and classroom visitation. You want parents to come and stay – not just drop off their children. And you want adults who are not primary caretakers of children to still feel like they have a place in your corps.

Plan on having a system set up to return children to their parent/guardian after the final rotation ends in the individual classrooms. Do not allow children to roam free, either in the building or on the grounds. Follow whatever rules you have in place for your “Safe From Harm” practice.

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