Thankful for Character Building

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Project made by group of Explorers from Royal Oak, Michigan.
Project made by group of Explorers from Royal Oak, Michigan.

November is the time for counting the blessings we have received as part of our spiritual and national heritage. Here are fifteen ideas you can use to focus on the season, while having fun and completing emblem tasks. Look them over and you are sure to find ideas to make you thankful for character building.


  1. Younger children can make hand-print turkeys and write a thankful word on each of the ‘tail feathers.’ Use the project for Sunbeams or Explorers Artist or Moonbeams Colors emblems.
  2. Girl Guards and Rangers might make art journals about things for which you are thankful. This project can be used to enhance Creative Arts and Focus on the Arts.
  3. Challenge Girl Guards and Rangers to take daily photos of things for which they are thankful and make them into a scrapbooks or photo journals. This project is a great way to enhance the Photographer emblems.
  4. Troops can work together to make collages about things they are thankful for as part of any of the art emblems.
  5. Girl Guards and Rangers could make paper beads in various colors and use them to construct bracelets that tell the Thanksgiving story. This is a good project for Dimensions Unlimited or 3D Art.
  6. Sunbeams or Explorers can make fun wild turkey calls that sound so real, you may catch a Thanksgiving bird. This cute craft is cheap and easy to make. You probably have all the materials you need on hand at the corps. Log on to The Best Thanksgiving Craft Ever for directions. This project can be used to enhance Bird Study or Bird Life emblems.


  1. Log on to All About History and read the Mayflower Compact to enhance the Patriotism, Citizenship, My World/My Heritage, or American Cultures emblems.
  2. Wild turkeys are pretty interesting creatures. Log on to Kidzone to learn about them. This activity is a natural enhancement for the Bird Study, Wild & Free or Bird Life emblems.
  3. Ask Girl Guards and Rangers to make a video of troop members sharing their favorite Thanksgiving memories or things for which they are thankful. Share the video during a corps Thanksgiving meeting or Sunday service. This project can be used with Video and Film or Discovering Two…Others emblems.
  4. Log on to Joyful Heart and read about God’s special plan for Squanto, a Native American friend to the pilgrims. This is a good lesson to use with Native American Lore or American Cultures emblems.


  1. Write thank you notes or bake treats and bring them to community service workers who are away from their families on Thanksgiving. This project supports the Helper, Etiquette, Cooking, Confident Cook emblems.
  2. Make Thanksgiving dog treats or collect food for an animal shelter. This is a good service project to use with Animal Friends, Friend to Animals, Pets and Animals, Mammals, or any of the Cooking emblems.
  3. Go to a nursing home to perform a play or puppet show about the first Thanksgiving as part of the Communicator, Play Acting, or Dramatics emblems.


  1. Log on to It’s About Them and read the story of Five Kernels of Corn. Give each troop member five pieces of candy corn. Take turns naming five things for which you are thankful.
  2. Log onto Julia Bettencourt Printables and print out a worksheet about thankfulness to use as part of a Thanksgiving devotion.

Find lots of other ideas to use with the Thankful for Character Building theme on Pinterest by clicking on the link below.