Join us December 27-31, 2015, for five days with delegates from all four Salvation Army USA territories and 20,000+ others filled with inspiration, insight, and opportunities to help you know what story your life could tell. Take the next steps in finding your place in God’s global mission.


Registration Information

Registration is open for URBANA 15 from March 4th through June 30th with the pricing of $389 for students and $489 for non-students. This period of time is the cheapest time to get your spot in finding your life at URBANA 15. With that purchase your getting more than just a guaranteed spot for this Student Missions Conference.

URBANA POSTER BWhen you pay and register during this time you’re not just getting the reserved spot, you’re also paying for the following:

  • Hotel 
  • Train Passes 
  • 4 Lunches 
  • Kindred Session – Exclusive to SA delegate only
  • $100 THQ Scholarship to FIRST-TIMER DELEGATES

You may ask yourself, “How can $389 cover all that? Especially for five days!” Well, it’s simple. The THQ Youth Department is covering those expenses listed above! All you have to do is register yourself, fill out our housing form, and you’re all set! So what are you waiting for? Find where to register below!


You can check with your DHQ to see if they will be helping in any other way to make your experience happen!


Register Here

You can register for URBANA 15 by CLICKING HERE. Once you are done registering, please CLICK HERE to fill out a housing form so you can be 100% sure you get all that is promised to be covered. You will need to create an account (EASY, QUICK, SIMPLE) to fill out housing form if you haven’t already. If you are wondering about the $100 THQ scholarship for first-timer delegates, on the housing form there will be the option to say you are a first timer and once we receive that form, we will contact you in regards to how you will receive your scholarship. ATTENTION: YOU CAN BE REGISTERED FOR URBANA 15 BUT WON’T BE REGISTERED WITH US UNTIL YOU FILL OUT THE HOUSING FORM. 



Why Attend? 


There’s no other place where you can explore so many options for your future with so many people and organizations committed to making a positive difference in the world. As the largest student missions conference in the world, Urbana offers a unique opportunity to find out how your education and skills fit current needs in the world, whether you’re pursuing nursing, art, physics, business, teaching, law, design, youth ministry, or technology.


And not the kind of info you hear in the news. At Urbana you can connect with Christians from around the world with real experience working and serving in amazing places. They’ve seen both beauty and brokenness in the places they’ve been, and will share insights that are hard to find anywhere else. Broaden your mind. Deepen your passions. Get inspired to courageously follow God’s leading in your own life.


Urbana is a sacred way to use the days between Christmas and New Year’s, providing space to worship, pray, and listen to God’s Word. Over the last 70 years, thousands of women and men have encountered God at Urbana in profound ways that have marked their lives. But you don’t need to just take our word for it. Ask around. Find someone who’s attended an Urbana (they’re everywhere) and listen to their story.


The worship, the seminars, the speakers, the exhibitors—those are all fantastic in themselves. But Urbana is more than its parts. Urbana is a chance to share five days with a diverse group of 16,000+ people who—like you—think carefully about their Christian faith and want to make the world a better place. Urbana is an opportunity to cross paths with others who are surrendering their entire lives to follow Jesus in everything, no matter the cost. Join them.

Find your life at Urbana 15.