YDC Job Description

Position Summary: The Youth Development Coordinator is responsible to:

  • Develop youth (0-29yrs) in their faith, character and person through the corps programs and ministries.
  • Increase local corps programs and outreach to youth.
  • Provide oversight of multiple youth programs by providing program leadership and/or providing guidance, support and basic training to active youth leaders within the corps.

Essential Job Functions: This job description is not all inclusive. It is intended to identify the essential duties of the position. Other duties, responsibilities and tasks may be assigned by corps officer/administrator after consulting with ATYS or Good Soil Initiative Administrator.

General Functions:

A. Further the mission of The Salvation Army through ministry and spiritual development of youth (0-29yrs).

B. Provide Christian example and leadership to youth in order to encourage their spiritual development.

C. Provide an example of Salvationism in order to fulfill the Army’s mission of saving the lost, serving suffering humanity and making disciples for Jesus.

D. A person of prayer whose character is fully consistent with their Christian faith.

E. This position will not replace current active youth leaders but will serve as an advisor and resource for all existing and future youth leaders and programs; only taking on leadership where needed.

F. Seek to discover ways to engage youth in Salvation Army distinctive and/or sponsored programs with the

end result to get youth active in the corps and enrolled as members of The Salvation Army.

G. Understand that programs do not necessarily have to be conducted in the corps facility, but can also be held

at community centers, community rooms, schools, etc.

H. Encourage, train, and engage in evangelism in ways relevant to youth.

I. Intentionally seek and meet regularly with a mentor and/or small group for personal fellowship, spiritual formation and accountability.

Internal Functions:

A. Plan, schedule, coordinate, facilitate, develop and monitor a variety of educational, recreational, relational and spiritual development activities, events, and trips for children, youth and young adults that promote:

  • Thriving individual spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development
  • A healthy and safe environment for youth to learn
  • Opportunities to discover and practice love for God and neighbors
  • Skills for productive participation in family and corps life, as well as their extended community

B. Oversee and organize on-going training, development and discipleship programs for active local youth leaders; working closely with the YPSM and/or YPL leaders.

C. Identify and encourage new leadership potential from within or outside of the corps to fill current and future leadership needs.

D. Build and maintain positive relationships with existing youth leaders, parents and youth.

E. Serve as an intentional mentor and role model: share meals and fellowship time; provide individual spiritual guidance when needed; remain available as much as possible which may require responding to emergency situations outside of normal hours of work.

F. Available to organize and conduct weekly Bible study/small group meetings for the youth.

G. Ensure youth attend Sunday services, Bible study and Gospel Arts rehearsals as required.

H. Provide opportunity/training for youth to participate in volunteer/ministry opportunities (thrift stores, disaster services, feed homeless, Community Care, Christmas effort, mission opportunities, active roles in Corps’ life and worship, etc).

I. Plan, develop, and distribute a regular newsletter via email, Facebook, and/or mail addressing the interests and needs of youth – promoting awareness, information and involvement in programs.

J. Record and maintain statistical information regarding youth related activities and participants.

K. Participate as needed in the Young People pastoral care council and/or Corps Council.

L. Attend and participate in Corps staff meetings.

M. Plan, organize, and schedule youth activities for Spring Break and summer months as needed in the community.

External Functions:

A. Build relationships with other agencies involved with or interested in youth to develop local resources:

  • Meet with high school and college staff to find students who plan to go into the field of youth work/ministry and could be potential staff or volunteers.
  • Speak to civic clubs, schools, and local businesses about corps program or opportunities within The Salvation Army who could become potential volunteers or donors.
  • Seek to find those in the community that could provide leadership to Salvation Army youth programs, camps, outdoor events, and other activities.

B. Work with community leaders to develop an environment for youth to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Seek to bring all youth representatives to plan, organize and implement needed programs/opportunities and to address problems and issues that relate to the youth population in the local community and corps.

Other Responsibilities/Expectations:

A. Attend Salvation Army services/events to support and develop relationships with youth and adult leaders.

B. Attend Youth Councils with corps delegates and serve as a chaperone.

C. Attends CBLI & Refuel Events annually for on-going trainings

D. May serve one week on divisional or territorial youth camp staff, with corps officer’s approval.

E. Submit quarterly report to DHQ/THQ (provided by THQ).

F. Participate in monthly phone call from DYS to discuss issues and progress.

G. Trained in Safe from Harm and qualified to teach the course locally.

H. Ensure that Safe from Harm guidelines are instituted and followed in the local setting.

I. Perform other activities/special projects as assigned and only as it relates to youth development.

J. May engage in Christmas fundraising and social services activities up to 10 hours per week.

K. Some travel to camps, events, workshops and seminars as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • An Associate’s degree with a minimum of two years experience in progressively responsible youth development work, or an equivalent combination of education, training or experience.
  • A senior soldier in good standing or willing to support Salvation Army doctrine, mission, and practices with the encouragement to explore senior soldiership.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

A. Knowledge of principles and practices of The Salvation Army- preservation of its mission and doctrine.

B. Knowledge of the principles and practices of youth ministries and program development.

C. Knowledge of effective writing and editing techniques and practices.

D. Ability to research and interpret youth ministry materials to determine compliance of outside sources with Salvation Army doctrine.

E. Ability to organize work, set priorities, meet deadlines, and complete tasks with a minimum of direction.

F. Ability to prepare clear and concise reports, correspondence and other written materials.

G. Ability to use Salvation Army approved word processing, spreadsheet, data base management, and graphics/desktop publishing software packages.

H. Ability to speak, read and write English in a manner that is sufficient for clear communication with supervisors, employees, leaders, parents and participants in order to perform the requirements of this job.

I. Ability to participate in physical activities associated with walking, standing, lifting, playing games, and transporting objects of reasonable weight.

J. Valid Driver's License. (Must meet the guidelines provided by the State of residence and the automobile insurance provider as pertaining to corps’ passenger vans/buses) Supervisory Responsibility: May vary depending on corps and community.

Working Conditions: Varies depending on the corps.

All employees recognize that The Salvation Army is a church and agree that they will do nothing as an employee of The Salvation Army to undermine its religious mission.