Transmission’s “We Believe” Is Live Streaming!

485425_346471555394615_1750811839_nTransmission is the Southern Territory’s resident worship band, and they’re seriously one of the greatest active worship groups today–Army or otherwise. Their releases consistently deliver strong on passion, creativity, musicality, and great song crafting. They also happen to be the band that gave us “Soldier’s Hymn” and a lot of other songs used heavily in our territory.

Today, their new album “We Believe” is live streaming on their site, beginning at 11am Central. The album is constructed around the 11 doctrines of The SA with each song exploring a different aspect of our theology and what that means in practice. What we believe is important; how we live is of utmost importance. Join me in enjoying this new album (and waiting for the official release in early August) and aiming to please God with obedient lives that glorify him in all we do!

While you wait until 11, enjoy “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” complete with Gospel choir, nbd.


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