Central Territorial Leaders Head to High Council

We’re days away from the convening of the High Council tasked with selecting the next General of The Salvation Army (with preliminary work beginning tonight I believe). This High Council is the largest to date, is made up of more women than men, and includes around 40% first-timers. You cannot find a better source of HC related info (or Blood & Fire Salvo stuff for that matter) than Maj. Stephen Court’s ArmyBarmy blog. Keep an eye on that for the most up to date, relevant information on the proceedings.

seilersOur Territorial Leaders, Commissioners Paul and Carol Seiler, took time to share how we can be praying for them and for the process in the coming days.

“We ask for prayer for a boatload of wisdom and discernment, as we not only get to know people but seek God’s guidance for the next General. We listen at the table conversations, observe in the meetings, listen to the speeches… and in a shorter time than we even have available for territorial appointments, we have to make choices and vote several times. Having been [a part of the High Council process] once before, we are now aware of the intensity of the time but also some wonderful opportunities for silence in God’s presence–a rare gift.

The unexpected nature of this gathering means we will miss the CBLI experience, and exposure to young adults and teens especially that offers us such encouragement for the work of the Lord in this territory. We will be thinking of, and praying for, that experience for all who attend.”

Let’s lift up all our leaders taking part in this time of seeking and discerning the Lord’s will for The SA! Check out this list of names and photos of all the delegates to aid your times of intercession. Why not gather some friends from your Corps and spend some time praying over our International leaders?


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