Christian Education

Bible Bowl

Bible Bowl is an academic game where teens match knowledge about a designated portion of scripture in a competitive arena. It will take many hours of study and memorization, as well as a good attitude and the ability to work as a team. This is not a mandatory program, but it is hoped, that every corps would seriously consider having a Bible Bowl team. Bible Bowl is an alternative to the regular Corps Cadet program. A year of participating on a Bible Bowl team will count as one year of Corps Cadets.

Corps Cadets

The Corps Cadet program is one of the most important programs in The Salvation Army. It prepares youth for a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (discipleship) and for serving God and The Salvation Army to the fullest extent possible (leadership).

A corps cadet is a young Salvationist who undertakes a course of study and training at his/her own corps in order to become qualified for efficient service in The Salvation Army. Members are literally “cadets” in the corps, learning to become the leaders of tomorrow. This training leads some youth to consider lay leadership in the corps as local officers and others to become full-time leaders as officers in The Salvation Army.

Cradle Roll

Cradle Roll is about making a positive difference in the spiritual development of young children and supporting and resourcing parents during this journey. Cradle Roll is a ministry where little ones, and their parents, are valued and nurtured in a loving and caring Christian community. Any child ranging from birth to age 4, even if not a Salvationist, can, with the parent’s permission, be a member of the Cradle Roll.

Junior Soldiers

Junior Soldiers are young people aged 7-18 who have made a decision to be a follower of Jesus and who want to grow and express their faith through ministry within the Salvation Army. Junior Soldiers are therefore junior members of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army takes seriously the capacity of children to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. This means children are just as capable to participate in the mission of God as adults.

Local leaders in The Salvation Army nurture young people on their spiritual journey helping them to develop their faith, their understanding of God, the Bible and the teachings of Jesus and to equip them with skills and values for their everyday living including what they think, say, do and the decisions/choices that they make.

Soldiers are challenged to think about the way that they engage with their community and also have the opportunity to participate in special projects that will make a difference in their local or global community.

Special Observance Sunday

Orange and Sunday School

In 2014, The Salvation Army in the United States began evaluating our current approach to Sunday School. Countless hours were spent researching, visiting, and communicating with a wide range of organizations in search of a new partner for The Salvation Army’s Christian Education strategy through our Sunday School ministries. In this process, we searched for an organization that would:

-Understand the uniqueness of our organization and our Corps.

-Provide curriculum and resources to meet our current needs.

-Help us discover new ways to move forward, to innovate, and to better impact the people and families we influence.

After a year-long evaluation process and many interactions with a variety of potential partners, The Salvation Army is excited to announce a new nationwide partnership with Orange beginning summer 2017. Orange is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta who have been publishing Sunday school material for over 20 years and who partners with over 10,000 churches around the world.