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Chap Clark Interview


Dr. Chap Clark, pastor, professor, and accomplished author, was our special guest at the 2014 Developing Youth Leaders Seminar. He sat down with the CYN and we asked him some questions submitted via Twitter & Facebook, and explored a few of the ideas he taught on in the main sessions. All of the audio from…

Am I What I Ought to Be?


This week at my Corps, I was introduced to a song that was new to me from the Red Songbook: #409–Before Thy Face, Dear Lord by Herbert Booth. Perhaps it’s new to you too, or maybe it’s an old familiar refrain, but in either case the words present a wonderful challenge for Spiritual introspection. The…

Keep Christ in Kettles


The season of advent is all about remembering the first coming of Christ, anticipating his certain return, and giving intentional consideration to the many ways he comes to us each day. And yet, the Christmas season is a gauntlet to run for us Salvos. It’s just plain tough. Long hours and huge workloads, and all…

How to Kill Your Corps!


There’s nothing more time consuming, exhausting, and fulfilling as being a part of ministry in a vibrant and healthy body of believers. If you’re into that sort of thing… For the rest of you, here are just some friendly tips to ensure your Corps dies a slow, fruitless death, giving you plenty of time to…

The Salvation Army, Millennials, and the Church of A New Era


I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Major Rob Reardon, the National Young Adult Initiative Coordinator. In his position at National Headquarters, Major Reardon works to raise awareness of The Salvation Army’s mission and ministry among the Millennial Generation, and to increase engagement with young adults both inside and outside of The SA….

An Open Letter to the Young Adults of The Salvation Army


It’s interesting to be coming upon the age of 35 and recognize that I am part of an outgoing generation. Youth truly have the greatest influence and now, in many ways, my future as well as The Salvation Army’s is in the hands of persons younger than I. I’m left looking up to those coming…

Chicago Reload – Urban Youth Worker Conference


Chicago Reload is a one-day conference for urban youth workers that has been taking place at North Park University each spring since 2005. It is hosted by North Park University and planned by a team of Chicago-area youth workers (including our beloved Justin Rose). We recognize that urban youth workers and the communities they serve…