Graduate Corps Cadet Education Scholarship

The Graduate Corps Cadet Post-High School Education Scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance to graduate corps cadets who desire to enroll in an accredited program of Post-High school education. This could be a four year college, junior college, technical school, trade school, etc.

This scholarship is designed to be an incentive for students to engage and complete the corps cadet program. By completing the full course, leaders will have additional time for discipling and equipping young people in their leadership skills and Bible knowledge. We hope this encourages all interested young people to participate in this excellent discipleship program.

General Guideline:

A graduate corps cadet will receive $1,000.00 per year (a maximum of $4,000.00) over a four year period for Post-High school education, undergraduate or graduate studies. The Graduate Corps Cadet Post-High School Education Scholarship is not retroactive for previous years of completed Post-High school education.


To be eligible for the Graduate Corps Cadet Post-High School Education Scholarship the applicant must:

1. Be a graduate corps cadet of the U.S.A. Central Territory, completing 5 years/10 courses. Official records will be verified at territorial headquarters.

2. Be an active senior soldier in good standing from the Central Territory. An active senior soldier in good standing means that the student is adhering to the Soldier’s Covenant and regularly attending a local corps during the time of the scholarship if a corps is located near the institution of their choice. If a corps is not near the school, they must regularly be attending a local church.

3. Be a full-time (a minimum of 12 credit hours) student in an accredited institution of higher education and maintain a 2.0 or above GPA during the entire school term.

4. Be under the age of 26 at the time of application.

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