Bible Resources


youversionJesus said that his sheep recognize his voice (John 10). Loving Jesus, and belonging to him, means obeying his commands (1 John 5:3). We acclimate ourselves to recognize the ways God is speaking into our lives by spending time reading and meditating on his Word. To that end, YouVersion is a great resource for developing and sticking to a disciplined approach to Scripture reading and study. Read at your computer or on your phone, and sync your progress across all your devices. With dozens of translations at your fingertips, hundreds of free reading plans, and the ability to set reminders, you’ll find yourself making great Bible reading goals and keeping them!

Prayer Resources

Sacred Space

SS_button_bright111Committing to a disciplined prayer life can be intimidating. Sacred Space helps make that longing attainable and the effort fruitful. Recognizing that distinctions between sacred and secular are often arbitrary, and harnessing the universality of internet access, this site encourages believers to make “sacred spaces” in their everyday lives. With the help of on-screen prompts and guidance, spend a few precious moments focusing on the presence of God wherever you find yourself, and turn your heart and mind to honestly commune with your creator.

Pray As You Go

20939_logoFinally, a way to redeem your commute! Download a day or a week’s worth of guided prayers for your MP3 player or smart phone, or subscribe to the podcast, and sink into a rich prayer experience as you run errands or walk the dog. Using a wide variety of music, thought prompts, and Scripture readings, Pray As You Go provides a framework for your own prayer. Don’t confuse it with a simple “thought for the day.” This is a great resource for anyone who feels that they have trouble focusing while praying.

Center For Spiritual Life Development

csldInternational Headquarters has a wealth of resources available for Officers and Soldiers at the Center For Spiritual Life Development. Join the Global Prayer Meeting each week, or heed the General’s call and start a 24/7 House of Prayer at your Corps!

International House of Prayer 24/7 Prayer Room

ihopemblemzFrom Kansas City, a prayer room with live, interactive worship and intercession operates 24 hours a day, and is broadcast on the web for anyone to join in. Ever wish you could have a worship team on call to enrich your times of private prayer and intercession? Now you do. You may or may not agree on every point theologically (speaking in tongues, eschatology), but it’s pretty hard to argue when everyone is on their knees before the Throne.

Internet Purity & Accountability Resources

The average age of exposure to internet pornography is 11 and dropping ( The pornification of our culture is leading young people to sexual encounters at younger and younger ages and is warping the minds of countless boys & girls, developing sexual addictions and unhealthy, unrealistic view of sex. The Porn Industry spends a fortune every year to make sure this trend continues, and it’s time for the Church to take a stand.

Ministering to young people includes a critical need to address purity and teach Godly standards for sexuality. That means leaders must pursue and model purity. Yet, 37% of pastors admit that porn addiction is a current struggle (Christianity Today, Leadership Survey, 12/2001) and 57% say that addiction to pornography is the most sexually damaging issue to their congregations (Christians and Sex Leadership Journal Survey, March 2005).

Filters & Accountability software are an affordable (sometimes free) option for pursuing online purity for both leaders and young people.

Covenant Eyes offers filtering and accountability software with a monthly subscription.

Free accountability software, affordable annual memberships for filtering software, and tons of addiction support resources from; a group that also does incredible outreach to the men and women trapped in the spiritual darkness of the porn industry.