Share Your Christmas Joy – Kenya

Kibera KidsThe Kibera Community Centre is situated in the largest slum area in Kenya. Close to one million people live in Kibera. Most survive on less than one U.S. dollar per day.  The community center provides a schooling and care for around 80 to 100 children, including a nutritional breakfast, lunch and dinner for of all the children attending.

Many children who come to this nursery are orphans. Most eat only what the Kibera Center provides. They eat porridge every day, which is like oatmeal.

At the compound there is a playground that is safe and soccer balls that the children play with. When they go home to the slums there are no safe areas, no playgrounds, no sidewalks (see picture). But like all children, they love to play in mud puddles and find whatever they can use to make a game or toy. They often use charcoal from the cooking fire to draw with in much the same way American children use sidewalk chalk.

When you share your Christmas joy, the money provides nutritious food and a holiday celebration for children such as those in the Kibera Center.


1.  Use a piece of charcoal to draw pictures on the sidewalk.

2.  Serve oatmeal as a snack during a troop meeting. Ask troop members what they like to eat for breakfast or lunch, etc. What would it be like to eat the same thing every day? Would they like to eat oatmeal every day, for every meal?

The children at the Kibera Center rarely eat anything other than porridge, yet they are grateful because it is the only food they have.

3. Pray for the children of Kibera to have warm meals, a safe place to play and adults to help them today.


“Hello”:  Jambo

“My name is”:  Mimi ni

“Merry Christmas”: Furaha ya Krismasi

“Christmas Joy”:  Krismasi Furaha


Christmas is a church holiday with caroling and pageants. There is more focus on celebrating Jesus than on exchanging gifts. Palm trees are decorated with fake snow, balloons, colored paper and bells. People travel to their family homes in the country to celebrate the holiday with family and friends.


Rice pudding, chicken and various roasted meats are typical of the meal. Many people invite family and close friends to their homes for the meal after the church service.

GAME: Nyamakenya children 2

The game begins with all children sitting in a circle. Choose a child to be “it.” That child stands in the middle of the circle and calls out the names of various animals. If it the name called is an animal that can be eaten, all the children jump up and shout, “Nyama,” which means “meat.” View this video to see a group of school children playing the game.


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