Share Your Christmas Joy – Philippines

Joyville KidsThe Salvation Army’s Joyville Children’s Home is a residential center in the Philippines, that provides a safe place for male and female children aged between 7 and 18 years of age.  These children may have lived on the streets and/or are in need of special protection due to neglect, maltreatment or physically abuse.  The Salvation Army provides accommodation, nutritious food, health care, education, spiritual guidance, counselling and love.

Joyville can house up to 30 younger children. The independent living program provides opportunity for older children, ages 15 and up, to learn life skills, such as: budgeting, purchasing weekly food, cooking, laundry and the responsibilities of managing a home. Those in this program live in a separate area outside the children’s building/dormitory area.

Each day the children attend the elementary or high school in the community. Each evening after dinner, they complete chores around the compound and spend time studying and sharing together in devotions. Boys and girls also have separate devotions in their dormitories each night. On Saturdays, there is an opportunity to learn skills such as basic and intermediate sewing, cooking, computer, and gardening skills.  The young people at Joyville grow vegetables to eat and sell for a small income.

The children love recreation times and use their imagination to invent games due to limited resources.  Their favorite activities include playing with dolls, dressing up, recreational games, basketball and more.

By  sharing your Christmas joy with the children at Joyville, you can help to provide a Christmas dinner and celebration for these children.

(Information provided by Captain Debbie Serojales, Administrator)

Watch a video to learn more about Joyville.



“Hello”:  KumustaJoyville kids 2

“My name is”:  Ang pangalan ko ay

“Merry Christmas”: Maligayang Pasko

“Christmas Joy”:  Kaligayahan sa Pasko


Families in the Philippines gather for a Christmas Party starting at around 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve. They eat snacks and play group games. They also have a gift exchange. About a wek before the gathering each family member draws a name and buys a gift (usually no more than $3) for that person. This is often the only Christmas present one receives. At midnight, the family sits down to a special Christmas meal.


Pancit (Filipino rice noodles), BBQ, spaghetti, salad, it is either fruit, macaroni or coconut salad. (The coconut salad is actually a dessert because it is sweet.)

GAME: “Laro” or Recreational Play

Neighbors and families often meet in the street or courtyard to enjoy “laro.” Some games are played by all ages and genders; others are played only by young girls or older males. Many of the games they play are familiar to us, such as the Filipino versions of hide and seek or hopscotch. Log onto to find games that you can play with your troop.

CRAFT:Parol, the Christmas Star