Regeneration Retrospective

13068012605_9260915de6_hHebrews 11:1 states, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Yet following Jesus in our post modern world necessitates occupying that mysterious place where faith and doubt intersect. Thankfully, belonging to Christ’s body means we don’t don’t occupy that place alone. Gathering at Regeneration to dive past surface issues and consider together what it really means to choose faith in Christ in the face of real doubts was an awesome experience for everyone in attendance. Compiled here are all the highlights from the weekend for you to look back and continue processing as you move forward.

Main Sessions

Re-watch the worship, Mentor Moments, and teaching. Pastor Eugene Cho, of Quest Church in Seattle, WA, and Major Danielle Strickland, of the Edmonton Crossroads Community Church in Canada, brought the word powerfully throughout the weekend and are worth another spin!


Tons of photos from the event are available at our Flickr account, thanks to our talented and hard working photographers Luri Sevciuc, Sam Arias, Jill Johnson, and Tabitha Anderson.

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Mobilize For Begoro!

Delegates raised a new record for Regeneration fundraising: those in attendance gave over $3,700.00 to the Begoro Rehabilitation Center in Ghana, Africa! Every $50 of that money raised means mobility equipment and doctor visits for young brothers and sisters in Christ. Continue to pray for our friends in Ghana; if you’re interested in taking the important step of sponsorship, to deny yourself in order to bless others, contact the World Missions Bureau.

Feedback: Conversations on Faith & Doubt

Many delegates took part in our Feedback project, documenting the ongoing conversations happening on faith and doubt. Keep your eyes here on the CYN as we’ll be releasing the individual interviews periodically.


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